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Study in New Zealand


The New Zealand educational system is known for offering world-class facilities, resources, and expert faculties. It is ranked 8th among the World’s happiest countries and has institutions which rank among top universities and colleges of the world. With an environment that encourages research and concentrates on harnessing individual strengths, New Zealand is also known for programs that facilitate easy movement of students between institutes in New Zealand and other English speaking countries.


Often the curious students and parents ask us about the benefits of studying in New Zealand and why should they choose this particular destination over others like Canada, the UK, and the US or for that matter Australia. Here is a glimpse of what we say and why we say it.


Relatively Lower Cost of Education

As per a study, studying humanities, education and art programs are cheaper in New Zealand. On the other hand, studying courses like medicine and engineering can be comparatively expensive. As a whole, the cost of living in New Zealand is comparatively lesser than majority of other English-speaking countries.


Wide choice of Courses

While most of the students go to New Zealand for either their Bachelor's or Master's studies, New Zealand is also a land of opportunities for Ph.D. students. With their attractive scholarship schemes for the students opting for Ph.D., which covers all expenses of the students, New Zealand is indeed the place to be if you are planning to pursue your Ph.D. abroad. An International student can also opt for short length programs such as 1 Year Graduate/Post Graduate Diplomas or 2 Year Diplomas in New Zealand.



International students pursuing Ph.D. in the country pay what New Zealanders pay, which means the expenses are substantially lesser. This along with the option to work full time while completing studies is surely an added benefit. For a Bachelor or Masters level qualification, the average fees of an international student are approximately 30,000 NZD. A Diploma/Graduate/Post Graduate Diplomas are comparatively cost effectively with an average annual fee of 20,000 NZD

New Zealand as a study destination

As an International student, New Zealand is one place that will provide you with all the necessary life-skills. It is one of the countries of the world which is still close to nature and modern at the same time. It is a known fact that New Zealand’s universities are renowned for their world-class education with all of the eight universities being in the top list of 3% in the world. The qualifications acquired at NZ are globally recognized and respected which consequently opens up the world to the students. As per the Global Peace Index 2017, New Zealand is the world’s second most peaceful country with high political stability and lowest rates of corruption.

The universities of New Zealand and other institutions are known for the excellent teaching methods which include practical, hands-on learning techniques. New Zealanders are known for being very welcoming, friendly and respectful of all cultures and people making it easier for students to adapt in the new country. When it comes to scenic beauty, NZ tops the list which is sure to offer students an experience of a lifetime.

Popular study courses in New Zealand

  • Science: From world-class laboratories to true adventures, science programs in New Zealand are specially designed so that every student is left with the ability to formulate solutions for handling real-world problems.
  • Technology: Don’t just witness the change happening around, instead you can be a part of this dynamic world. Prepare yourself to shape the world with your innovative ideas, with 100% help from the technology courses that the New Zealand education system offers.
  • Business & Management: Be the fuel that runs the modern world, and to prepare for this journey, the Business and Management courses offered in new Zealand are the best option.
  • Engineering: Learn the ways of the world and it’s functioning. Grow in New Zealand’s hands-on learning environment, build and create with ideas that resonate innovation and excellence.
  • Mathematics: When it comes to Mathematics, New Zealand is the go-to destination. Not only it is highly regarded globally, it is also valued in a wide range of careers.
  • Agriculture: New Zealand is also called a hub of Agribusiness innovation. That being said, why not educate in the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the primary sector. Have a chance to contribute to a ‘food efficient’ tomorrow. Studying agriculture in New Zealand will prepare you for that and so much more.
  • Digital Design: The recent boom in Digital designing makes it utterly necessary for you to update and educate yourself in the nuances of the Digital industry. From Gaming to Animation, New Zealand institutions with their state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise from professionals who are veterans in the field, this is one subject of study you need to explore in the land of the Kiwis.
  • Fashion & Design: With a good number of universities being recognised for their excellence in Art & Design courses by QS World University Rankings, New Zealand has the reputation of propagating some of the finest Fashion, Design and Art courses. This means with a degree from New Zealand, you can get an edge over others in this highly competitive industry.
  • Food & Hospitality: With the booming of the tourism industry and the global travelling scene, Food and Hospitality courses have turned into one of the favorites among international students to pursue. And New Zealand universities and colleges, with their industry-ready programs, are the best bet to excel in the field as you learn your way around the field.