"CANUCK VISION GROUP" French coaching

French coaching

  • French (Francophone) is one of the two¬† official spoken language in Canada
  • In addition, French users are in demand in Canada as special immigration steams are open for language users
  • Quebec, Canada is a house of French natives and they are expanding their population based upon the language
  • Moreover, international students with qualified French certificate has to pay the domestic fees

A1: Elementary Level – Duration – 60 hours

A2: Pre-Intermediate Level – Duration – 70 hours

B1: Intermediate Level – Duration – 70 hours

B2: Pre-Advanced Level – Duration – 90 hours

C1: Advanced Level – Duration – 150 hours


  1. Group Training is delivered to a group of 8 to 10 students per batch at Elementary Level
  2. Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced classes tend to be smaller with around 6-8 students on average
  3. Our classes are on weekday schedule from Monday to Friday, and Special Weekend Courses are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays on demand


  1. One-to-One Training is for learners who require individual tutoring
  2. Individual training focuses on exact learning needs and can be customised as per the learner’s requirement


  1. Private group training is available for a group of a certain level who wish to study together privately